Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gandhiji on Islamic ideology : Prof. Mehboob Desai

o “I think, Islam is also a peace-loving religion such as Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. No doubt, there is difference in standards. But, every religion aims for peace.”
o “God is One. a Muslim is a brother of another Muslim. all Muslims practice these principles of Islam. These principles are unique parts, which are imparted into Indian Culture. These two are Islamic Contribution. The concept of unity, ‘man is brother of man’ is accepted by Hindu philosophers, at higher level of philosophy. Even though Hindu theology ascertains the Oneness of God, the followers of Hinduism are not as strict as the believers of Islam in accepting this truth. one cannot deny this fact.”
o “For converting into Islam, Holy Quran never tells to use the force. Thus, the Holy Book says ‘No compulsion in religion.’ The whole life of Mohammad, the Messenger of Allah nullifies the idea of compulsion and coercion in religion. I am not aware of any Muslim who supported compulsion in religion. If the compulsion is to be used for conversion into Islam, then the Universal Religion would come to zilch.”
o “I am of the opinion that the believers of Islam use sword time and again. But, it is not due to the teachings of Holy Quran. I opine that they are thankful to the circumstances in which the Islam was born.”
o “I have read Holy Quran again and again. It not only encourages adopting what ever is good in my religion as well as in the religions of world, but also makes me do so as my duty.”
o “I surely believe that Islam is a God created religion. So, I believe, Holy Quran is also created by God. I believe, Mohammad Saheb is Messenger of God.”
o “My conclusive opinion is that basically, Holy Quran commends the nonviolence. It says, nonviolence is better than violence. It ordains to follow nonviolence as a sense of duty. Violence is permissible only under certain needs.”
o “Even the meaning of Islam is Peace, that is, nonviolence. Badshah Khan is a strict Muslim. he never neglects Prayer and Fasting. He has accepted nonviolence as a religious duty. If a person alleges that he cannot strictly practice the religion, then there is no solution for his problem. I, myself, cannot follow my religion as such. I have to accept this truth with humility. If anything is left out in my practice, it is the standard, not the article. But, if any body doubts the presence of nonviolence preaching in Holy Quran, then the doubt is spurious. There is no need to discuss about it.”

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